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Working for the gambling industry: What to expect

Want to work for a casino? Wondering whether gambling industry you fit the job description and will even be considered for an interview? Well, working in the industry can be both fun and exciting. Although this is the case, and most individuals seek this industry because of the entertainment prospects, this is not always the case. If you are interested though and serious about either a short-term experience wave or long-term career in the industry, the following will be deemed of great help to you.

The minimum requirements when working for the gambling industry and gaming industry

Your age

Now, you didn’t think the gambling industry allowed for 16-year olds to have a summer job, now did you? In some casinos, the age restriction is as strict as 21, but in other more laid-back countries, 18.

A minimum education requirement

Although it doesn’t take an Einstein-like brain to work for a casino, you must at least meet the minimum requirements of having either a GED or a high school diploma. This is only the case for certain positions though, such as management-like positions require more of a tertiary education like a diploma or degree. These degrees usually include either financial, hospitality, or the business fields.

If neither of these is required, a position such as being a Dealer will require the individual to undergo relevant training to perform the job to the best of their ability. Some of the most necessary skills that recruiter looks for when hiring for this industry are people and communication skills, customer relations, math or financial skills and above all, patience.

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You must pass a background gambling industry check

If you think about the gambling industry, the first thing to come to mind must be money. Not a small amount of money, but a large amount. For a casino environment to thrive, there must always be a great deal of trust for this institution to be able to succeed to the best of its abilities. Thus, they are extremely strict when it comes to employee records. Employees should pass an extensive background check before they can even be considered for a role within the industry. They must also pass a drug test as all casinos have serious drug use/ addiction and committed felonies.

Obtain your gaming license

All casino workers, whether its management. The dealers or slot assistants must have a valid gaming license, according to a gaming commission and state control board. It usually involves access allowance to track one’s history regarding any record, violence and theft. The application programs include an identification photo, a background check and a clean record to obtain a gaming license.

Although working in a casino might seem glamorous and like one of the more ‘preferred’ jobs, it can turn out to be quite the stressful environment. It can be physically demanding, loud, unprofessional and expose yourself to certain types of behaviour. You’ll most probably also have crazy working hours.

Apart from that, if you like people and bask in the enjoyment of entertaining them, then this job is most definitely for you.

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